Our staff has been designing aerospace-quality electronic controls since 1974. We will accept your product concept, drawing, or specification document, and turn it into a fully functional design complete with printed circuit board layout, schematic, physical package, test fixture, and prototype in as little as 2-4 weeks. Whether you require a cost-effective, simple design, or a complex, robust design, we have the tools to fulfill all of your needs. We have experience developing all types of logic, from low-level CMOS to Microcontrollers.

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Our manufacturing facility provides most of the automated tools necessary to compete in today's cost-competitive climate. We have a large supplier-base to enable us to procure the necessary components in a very short amount of time. Our production line enables us to manufacture physical packaging, including enclosures and cables. We use surface-mount equipment to assembled circuit cards in the most cost-effective and reliable manner possible. We have a Quality Assurance Department capable of certifying aerospace-quality production, and the equipment needed to inspect every component, solder joint, and specification. Our test department can certify the functionality of every part, and troubleshoot any repairs that may arrive in the future.

    Our services provide you with the greatest benefit when we contract to design and manufacture your parts. We will be accountable for the integrity of the design and reliability of your parts. We can provide a warranty on every shipment, certifying that the product will be reliable and functional in both design and workmanship. The integration of development and production allows us to use our inventory to generate the most cost-effective solution available. We will treat you as a partner throughout the process, communicating frequently and honestly throughout development and production.


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